Ashton Kutcher bets on Bitcoin through Lolli

The attention that has fallen on Bitcoin since its creation has grown a lot. All kinds of investors and projects have come to boost this cryptomone even more. This is precisely the case of Lolli, the project in which even Ashton Kutcher decided to invest.

Lolli is an e-commerce venture that offers rewards at Bitcoin when you shop online. Kutcher’s investment was also through Sound Ventures, his venture capital firm.

How was Ashton Kutcher’s investment in Lolli carried out?

The idea behind all this is to promote the adoption of Lolli, created in 2018. It is not only Ashton Kutcher who is interested in this, since, according to publications on the subject, youtuber Michelle Phan is also involved.

So far, the two of them have raised $5.4 million. This was facilitated by Phan’s initiative to inspire his fans to wear Lolli when they buy directly from his Em Cosmetics website. The premise is that by doing so, you can earn rewards at Bitcoin.

Lolli’s CEO, Alex Adelman, said they have plans to expand the company internationally. In principle, they decided to allocate part of the funds to launch the mobile application.

It could be said that this is the right time for initiatives like Lolli, since the number of online stores is increasing every day. The payment applications have also grown a lot in recent years, and with everything that is happening with the pandemic that has expanded even more.

Fiat money is not very safe, Bitcoin is What does the use of this platform entail?

Lolli helps those merchants who want their customers to go directly to their pages, because by partnering with this company, buyers will have the added incentive of getting Bitcoin for buying from the official sites.

As Bitcoin grows in popularity, and in value, all parties involved benefit from initiatives like these. So perhaps many other companies will follow the example of Ashton Kutcher and Michelle Phan and bet on

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initiatives that include Bitcoin like Lolli.

It sounds like something promising in this industry, and we are sure that this will be just the beginning of something big. If in two years you already have plans for international expansion, the potential is undeniable.

Are you one of those who bet on the use of mass cryptomonics sooner rather than later? Do you know of any similar initiatives like Ashton Kutcher and his investment in Lolli? If so, tell us in the comments.